Project Description

Russ Johnson
Russ JohnsonPGY-5
“What I like best about radiology is that you’re a ‘doctor’s doctor’ of sorts.”

Resident Facts

Hometown Corinth, MS. I had lived in the same house my entire life until leaving for college. My childhood home was built by a Lieutenant in the civil war.
Undergraduate School Mississippi State University
Medical School University of Mississippi
Internship University of Mississippi Internal Medicine

Getting to Know

The first thing that drew me to Memphis was the location as it is only a short drive from my hometown (we are very close with mine and my wife’s family). The second thing was the great experience I had here when I did a one month rotation during my fourth year of medical school. The residents were very welcoming and laid back, but I could also tell that they were there to get the work done efficiently and accurately. The staff were also very welcoming. We have many fellowship trained radiologists and Baptist gets referrals for advanced diseases so we are able to become familiar with a fairly wide range of pathology and how it appears radiographically. Bottom line, I haven’t regretted my decision to train here.

I am very close with my family so doing various things with them occupies a great deal of time. I’m also very interested in being active (running, working out) as well as photography. During my residency, it has not been difficult to find time for these extra-curricular activities.

I have been married to my wife, Megan, since 2005, and we have a beautiful daughter who was born in July 2012.

I grew up knowing I was going to do cardiothoracic surgery. That changed to cardiology when my brother (who is 14 years older, and who I really look up to) went into cardiology. This desire carried me through medical school until right after I had made my 4th year schedule out for internal medicine / cardiology. I was talking with one of my friends who was on a similar track but decided last minute to do radiology. After talking with him, I scheduled a rotation and never looked back! What I like best about radiology is that you’re a “doctor’s doctor” of sorts. You help referring physicians direct the care of their patients by the images you recommend and what your reports say. Because of this, a huge working knowledge about many disease processes needs to be learned, which affords daily exciting challenges encountering various diseases. There is also quite a bit of patient interaction with various invasive and non invasive procedure a radiologist is capable of doing. My desire will come full circle back to cardiology when I complete a cardiac/chest fellowship 2014/2015 at Mallinckrodt.

Regardless of what type of practice you want to end up in (academic/private), this program would provide many benefits as you will become a very well rounded radiologist who is able to perform effectively and efficiently. This being said, those who want to go into private practice would probably receive more benefit from this program given the way it is structured.