Project Description

Lauren Delgado
Lauren DelgadoPGY-2

Resident Facts


Hometown Miami, FL
Undergraduate School Duke University
Medical School Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine – Georgia Campus
Internship General surgery at Rush University in Chicago, IL

Getting to Know

My typical day goes from 7 to 4 PM or 4:52 PM, depending on which rotation you’re on. I get to the reading room, and start looking at studies on my own. Then an attending will come by and go over these studies with me and I’ll dictate the reports. Every day at noon there is a conference, which consists of a lecture by one of our attendings or a co-resident (lunch is provided for free in the physicians’ lounge). After lunch all the residents passed by Ginger Tubbs’ (residency coordinator) office to chat a little and of course get candy from her amazing candy stash. The second half of the day is like the first half of the day. After work I usually try to get in at least 30 minutes of exercise a day because I am sitting all day at work. Then I try to read for about two hours.

My biggest challenge is learning to study on my own and trying to take in the large volume of knowledge we are expected to eventually know. Seeing that our work directly affects patient care decisions is very rewarding. I also love that every day I learn AT LEAST one new thing.

I travel a lot because my husband and family live in Miami. I take advantage of the free weekends we have to fly down to Miami as often as feasible.

Newly married. No children.