Project Description

Emily Joyce
Emily JoycePGY-5
“I [like] that at Baptist there are not very many other residents, so you are treated as a staff radiologist much of the time.”

Resident Facts

Hometown Germantown, TN
Undergraduate School Christian Brothers University
Medical School University of Tennessee Health Science Center
Internship University of Tennessee Health Science Center
Research Bone mineral density and muscle strength, brain vasodilatory autoregulation, brain carbon monoxide production

Getting to Know

I chose Baptist because of the wonderful atmosphere at this hospital. We are trained to be a proficient, practical radiologist. I also liked that at Baptist, there are not very many other residents, so you are treated as a staff radiologist much of the time. This is intimidating but helps to build confidence and skill quickly. The radiology attendings are completely dedicated to your training, and I feel completely comfortable going to them with problems or questions.

Depending on where I am working, I usually will read all types of x-rays, CT, ultrasound, and MRI. The pace is usually pretty quick, but good for building skill and efficiency. You also get procedure experience while on interventional radiology with CT/USG guided biopsies and vascular procedures.

I love the hometown feel even though you are in a big city. There are so many different types of neighborhoods and always something to do. It is great for a family with children also because of the great parks and activities.

I love to paint/sketch when I get the time. I also love to pleasure read when I am not studying.

Married with a 2 year old son.

I grew up around medicine with my mother, a nurse; my stepfather, a family physician; and my stepmother, also a family physician. It was a natural step into medicine and I really enjoy the challenge and the variability of everyday.

I would recommend Baptist to someone who wants great practical experience and autonomy. You have a lot of responsibility and that helps develop your skills and gives you the motivation to study. I also think this is a great place for those who want a one-on-one type of teaching experience. You get to know your attendings very well and become colleagues as well as student and teacher.