Project Description

Daniel Carson
Daniel CarsonPGY-2

Resident Facts


Hometown Olive Branch, Mississippi
Undergraduate School University of Memphis
Medical School University of Mississippi Medical Center
Research Bosniak renal lesions

Getting to Know

There are many things – excellent radiologists and staff, great program reputation, and proximity to my family. Baptist was a win-win.

The most rewarding thing about my day is learning something new and different. Radiology is a great field – challenging, yes, but very rewarding.

Growing up in and around this area, Memphis offers such great things at an amazingly affordable price. Sports, amazing dining options, outdoor events, being centrally located so travel to any part of the country is very accessible are only a few of the great things Memphis has to offer.

Not married and no children.

I have been interested in radiology even before medical school. After doing 4 years of research in radiology, seeing the amazing capabilities it offers and the amazing future it has in medicine and understanding the lifestyle radiology offers – it was an easy choice.

The radiologists and staff are the selling point. They are excellent and will teach and help in any way they can, all the while being great people in the process. And the program’s reputation is stellar. Baptist was an easy number one.