Project Description

Clare Murphy
Clare MurphyPGY-3

Resident Facts


Hometown Nashville, TN
Undergraduate School Emory University
Medical School University of Tennessee Health Science Center
Internship UT Chattanooga Transitional Year
Research Health literacy and health care disparities

Getting to Know

I was looking for a mid-sized program where residents were exposed to a large volume of cases. I learn best by doing, and felt that training at Baptist would best prepare me to be a capable, thoughtful, and efficient radiologist when I advance to fellowship and into practice. Also, the learning culture here is a perfect fit for me – fellow residents and staff work together to make a warm, relaxed, organized learning environment. Everyone seems genuinely happy to be here, enthusiastic about teaching, learning, and working.

My day as a first year resident involves working from 8-5 Mon-Fri, where I read studies and go over them in detail with staff before dictating them. At noon all the residents get (free!) lunch and go to conference, where staff give lectures on various imaging topics. After conference we all convene in Ginger’s office to chat for a bit and snag candy/drinks for the afternoon. At 5 I head home to spend time with my husband and friends!

The biggest challenge is creating a good study routine – I find blocking out a chunk of time during the weekend is a good way to stay on top of things but still have plenty of time for life outside of work. The most rewarding part of my day is realizing how much I learn every single day. There is such a steep learning curve at the beginning of residency, and while the amount I will eventually have to learn still seems overwhelming, it ‘s amazing to feel like every day you know more than the day before.

Memphis is a really beautiful city with a unique energy and culture. My favorite thing is how easy it is to live well here – the cost of living is so reasonable, the people are friendly, the weather is fantastic most the year, and there are so many cool areas with their own unique charm to discover and enjoy. BBQ festivals, great live music, pro basketball – there’s always something festive happening in town.

When making my rank list, my husband and I really favored cities where we could have a good life during residency – have a house and yard, spend a lot of time outdoors, get great food andnot deal with crazy commutes. We couldn’t be happier living here!

My biggest interest outside of work is food. I love to eat, cook, entertain, try new restaurants, and travel to discover the culinary treats other countries have to offer. Other than that, I like being outside – hiking, boating, skiing, whatever!

I got married at the end of my fourth year of med school, and my husband and I would like children at some point – we’ll see!

My dad is a radiologist, and while I did not go into med school thinking I wanted to do radiology, I always wanted to do something I could love as much as he loves his work. During my 3rd year, I thought each specialty was so cool and interesting and something I could enjoy for a time. But radiology ended up being my favorite, and it was the only thing I could see doing (and loving) day in, day out, over the course of a long career.

It has also impressed me how my dad not only loves his job, but also has a happy, healthy, full life outside of work. I like the work flow and shift nature of radiology, which lends itself to a good work-life balance. I think that balance is important for being a healthy person and a good doctor.

Baptist is a wonderful place to train in radiology. The hospital system offers a huge volume and variety of cases for residents to learn from, and the staff are knowledgeable, supportive, and invested in teaching. The residents are happy, motivated, and very involved in shaping and strengthening the program. I would recommend Baptist Memphis to anyone who wants great radiology training, and to enjoy life in and outside of work during residency.