Spencer Conner


This is my Story

I grew up in Chattanooga, TN, and decided to stay in the southeast for my undergraduate degree. I attended Furman University in Greenville, SC, and afterwards returned to Tennessee for medical school in Memphis after I graduated. I had only been to Memphis a few times briefly before medical school, and after moving here, I quickly grew to love the city both as a place to live and to practice medicine. I knew I wanted to stay in Memphis for residency.

I chose Church Health and the Baptist program because of the program’s mission to serve the Memphis community and the enthusiasm the staff has in order to improve patients’ lives. Church Health is deeply invested in the healthcare of Memphis, and I am honored to be a part of the Church Health and Baptist community.

Resident Facts



Hometown Chattanooga, TN
Undergraduate Degree Bachelor of Arts, Economics and Pre-Med; Furman University; Greenville, SC. 2010
Medical Degree Doctor of Medicine, University of Tennessee Health Science Center; Memphis, TN. 2017
Why did you choose Baptist?

I chose Baptist because of the excellent clinical experience residents receive. I was also impressed by the medical staff who are very focused on resident education and ensuring residents are well prepared. The facilities and health care infrastructure are also excellent and allow for delivery of high quality patient care.

What's your favorite thing about Memphis?

My favorite thing about Memphis is all the different activities there are to do around the city. A few of my favorites are the Levitt Shell, the Memphis Grizzlies, Shelby Farms, Overton Park, and the Cooper-Young District. There is always something going on in the city.

Personal interests outside of the residency program

I enjoy playing sports, travelling, and running. I have recently gotten involved in a number of running groups around Memphis and made a number of amazing friends from all different walks of life. Also, I enjoy watching movies, visiting new restaurants, and hanging out with friends in my free time.

What is your day like? Any challenges?What's rewarding about your day?

As a healthcare provider, there are many daily challenges and obstacles that have to be overcome in taking care of a patient. I take pride in knowing that my knowledge and skills that I have developed are improving someone else’s life which makes the effort well worth it.

Why did you choose your career? Was there someone or something in your life that helped you choose your path?

Family medicine offers me the ability to offer a high level of care in a specialty that I find very rewarding. I love the “problem solving” aspect of family medicine as well as being on the front line and using medical knowledge to improve the lives of others. My goal in life is to help others who are in need, and family medicine offers the ability to combine a broad array of medical knowledge and the ability to directly work with and improve the lives of patients.

Why would you recommend Baptist to a prospective applicant?

Residents benefit from an excellent clinical experience and a medical staff who are very focused on resident education and ensuring residents are well prepared. The facilities and healthcare infrastructure are also excellent and allow for the delivery of high quality patient care.