Rounak Quadri


This is my Story

I grew up in Los Angeles and attended the University of California, Irvine, where I majored in Biology. For medical school, I went to Ross University on the island of Dominica. While at Ross University, I was able to enjoy hobbies such as hiking and travelling while studying medicine. I’ve travelled across America, Europe, Asia, and hope to one day go to Bhutan or Namibia. I’m deeply passionate about working with and educating underserved communities and I hope to have more opportunities to do that at Baptist.

Resident Facts




Hometown Los Angeles, California
Undergraduate Degree BS, Biology, University of California, Irvine, 2011
Medical Degree MD, Ross University, 2018
Why did you choose Baptist?

I chose Baptist because of the environment and connection I felt the day I interviewed. I really felt that the program’s values meshed with my own and felt that I could achieve my goals and could grow as a physician here. Baptist is also located in a great city that has amazing food. I am looking forward to more fun times in this great city during my time as a resident here.

What's your favorite thing about Memphis?

I would definitely say the people. They have been so kind and welcoming here.

Personal interests outside of the residency program
Basketball (Go Lakers!), Reading, hiking, cooking, museums, traveling
Why did you choose your career? Was there someone or something in your life that helped you choose your path?

I chose my career because I believe strongly in primary care and preventive medicine. Growing up, my family would take summer vacations in Bangladesh and noticed first hand the problems that develop without access to care. This inspired me to go into medicine and I hope to one day give back and open a mobile clinic there.

Why would you recommend Baptist to a prospective applicant?

Residents benefit from an excellent clinical experience and a medical staff who are very focused on resident education and ensuring residents are well prepared. The facilities and healthcare infrastructure are also excellent and allow for the delivery of high quality patient care.