Marisha Sirdar


This is my Story

I completed my bachelor’s degree at the University of South Florida and medical school at Ross University in Dominica. During medical school, I, along with my colleagues, formed a non-profit organization, Talking4Health. Our goal is to provide health services and education within our local communities, as well as internationally.

Being a part of the Church Health and Baptist family has been a wonderful experience. Not only am I challenged as I learn and continue to be molded into a Family Physician, I have become part of an amazing community.

Resident Facts


Hometown Spent most of my childhood years in Jamaica.
Undergraduate Degree Bachelor of Science, University of South Florida, 2011
Medical Degree
Doctor of Medicine degree, Ross University School of Medicine, Dominica, 2017
Why did you choose Baptist?

I chose the Baptist Family Medicine Residency Program because it is one of the largest hospital systems in the Mid-South. It is a program partnered with Church Health, whose focus is on the body, mind and spirit. They are not only kind and compassionate toward patients and their families, but also to the staff.

What is your day like? Any challenges?What's rewarding about your day?

Some challenges that arise are having complex cases and being able to find solutions for them with a great team to facilitate my education.

What's your favorite thing about Memphis?

The food. There are so many different restaurants located all over Memphis to dine and try new things!

Personal interests outside of the residency program
Anything crafts!
Why did you choose your career? Was there someone or something in your life that helped you choose your path?
I was greatly influenced by my family and growing up in an impoverished country. Having the experiences that I had as a young person encouraged me to want to care for people and ensure that they have the means and resources to live a healthy life. With family medicine here at Baptist and Church Health, I am able to do that.
Why would you recommend Baptist to a prospective applicant?

The family medicine program here is well rounded, gives a good work-life balance, and the program itself feels like a family.