James Ryan


This is my Story

I grew up in Dayton, OH, and earned a degree in Materials Science Engineering from Wright State University. After working in chemical research, I felt a calling to more directly interact with people using both the science of medicine, along with the personal connection of caring for people. This led to attending medical school at the University of Toledo.

I was drawn to Family Medicine due to its variety across all ages and categories of medicine, and I was particularly attracted to the residency in Memphis co-sponsored by Baptist and Church Health. The faith-based nature of their approach to the whole person and all aspects of life is especially important to me, and I can sense a special care and compassion for the population here.

Resident Facts




Hometown Dayton, OH
Undergraduate Degree Bachelor of Science, Materials Science Engineering; Wright State University; Dayton, OH; 2006
Medical Degree Doctor of Medicine; University of Toledo; Toledo, OH; 2016
Why did you choose Baptist?

I chose Baptist because of the quality of the hospital system and specifically the Family Medicine Residency Program’s unique faith-based collaboration with Church Health which truly cares for people in all aspects of their lives, not simply just as medical patients.

What is your day like? Any challenges?What's rewarding about your day?

I look forward to each new day hopefully bringing a variety of experiences and new opportunities to interact with and care for people.

What's your favorite thing about Memphis?

Being brand-new to Memphis, I am excited to get to know the city and the people.

Personal interests outside of the residency program

I enjoy music, playing the saxophone, literature, sports, puzzles, model cars, church and spending time with friends.

Why did you choose your career? Was there someone or something in your life that helped you choose your path?

While studying engineering in college, I broke my ankle, requiring surgery and physical therapy. It was this experience that initially sparked my interest in medicine, seeing firsthand the interplay between the science of medicine and the daily interaction with patients. I love science, but I am also a “people person” and was drawn to this opportunity to more directly care for people every day. I appreciate that the specialty of Family Medicine provides variety all across the spectrum, which especially fits with my personality of loving variety and having a broad range of interests.

Why would you recommend Baptist to a prospective applicant?

I would recommend Baptist due to the size and extent of its care and resources. The Family Medicine Residency, co-sponsored by Baptist and Church Health, is particularly attractive due to its faith-based mission of truly caring for people, not just medically, but in all aspects of their lives.