Abdulhalim Khan


This is My Story

I was raised in Nigeria but I’m originally from Bangladesh. I graduated from medical school in Nigeria and went into family medicine residency in AKTH, Nigeria. When I became a senior resident (3rd year), I came to the University of Memphis to pursue a Masters of Health Administration in hopes of growing into a health care leadership role. I got married while in school and moved to California after graduation. I worked as a Process Improvement (Lean) manager at San Mateo County Hospital but I felt incomplete without clinical medicine so I enrolled into the Baptist Residency Program.

Resident Facts

Hometown Nigeria
Undergraduate Degree Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery; Ahmadu Bello University; Zaria, Nigeria; 2006
Masters Degree
  • Master of Health Administration, University of Memphis; Memphis, TN; 2013
  • Master of International Affairs and Diplomacy; Ahmadu Bello University; Zaria, Nigeria; 2008
Medical Degree Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery; Ahmadu Bello University; Zaria, Nigeria; 2006
Why did you choose Baptist?

I chose the Baptist Family Medicine Residency Program because I was excited to learn from the largest health system in the region; and at the same time Church Health being a major part of the training program. I have had prior experiences with both systems and could not imagine a better partnership for family medicine. I wanted to get great hospital experience from the Baptist system, which is a state-of-the-art hospital, and an integrated outpatient system serving the underserved (Church Health). In all my experiences, I was particularly drawn to the kindness and passionate care towards patients and staff.

In addition, I am very excited to be part of a brand new program, which has the advantage of our designing a curriculum that would prepare me to be a competent family physician in the context of current health care reform and transformations.

What is your day like? Any challenges? What's rewarding about your day?

My typical day is different with each rotation. My ED rotation is really a blast. I have several attendings at the ED and have had great learning experiences. They are eager to teach and expose me to patient management. I follow patients of all acuity level and manage them until they are admitted or discharged. The nursing services are amazing and so efficient. I use Epic system which is easy to learn.

What's your favorite thing about Memphis?

People in Memphis are so nice and helpful. I have lived here before, lived in the Bay Area and back. I love Memphis for their heart. Memphis is also unique for so many parks and activities. The city has so many perks and living here is really affordable.

Personal interests outside of the residency program (golf, weight lifting, scrap booking, etc.)

I try to spend time with my family as much as I can. We are gradually getting used to the weather, and trying different parks for my son.

Married? Any children?

I am married and have a son.

What made you decide on your career? Was there someone or something in your life that helped you choose your path?

I was particularly moved by an essay my dad helped me write entitled, “Why I want to be a doctor.” When I read it, I began to feel like my future made sense to me: Helping others feel better and helping humanity in my own small way.

Why would you recommend Baptist to a perspective applicant?

A perfect place for residency, life balance, family and personal growth.