Benefits and Perks for Family Medicine Residents

As a Family Medicine resident at Baptist Memorial Health Care, you may be able to take advantage of a number of benefits and perks available to you. Health insurance, vision insurance, dental insurance, Paid Time Off (PTO) and Sick Leave are available, as well as fully-funded meals and professional leave for pre-approved meetings. View our 2016-2017 benefits package. [PDF, 246 KB].

In addition to the stipend information listed above, Baptist will provide a benefit package to include:

  1. Health insurance coverage for resident and dependents to include spouse and children if applicable
  2. Fully funded basic life insurance coverage for resident
  3. Vacation / holiday compensation for up to twenty-three (23) days per academic year, non-cumulative
  4. Educational leave for one pre-approved board-review meeting per resident including a travel reimbursement package
  5. Fully funded long term disability coverage after thirty (30) days employment
  6. Fully-funded meals provided through the Physicians’ Dining Room
  7. Confidential counseling services
  8. Additional benefits are also available including additional
    Life Insurance including coverage for spouse and children, Accident Insurance, Cancer Insurance, and Pet Insurance

In addition to these benefits and perks, those considering the Family Medicine Residency Program explore Memphis life as well. Home to the blues, BBQ, FedEx and a large biotech community, Memphis, TN remains the distribution heartbeat of the Mid-South.

Do you have additional questions?

Visit the Resident Program FAQ page to find the answers. If you still have a question, contact us.
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